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Herman Management can assist you with tasks that relate to the management and responsibilites of your Homeowners Association. Below is a list of the most common services we perform for our clients:



Establish Association organization and operating procedure  


Private web site services  


General correspondence


Special mailings


Attorney and county/city liaison


Record and file management


Policy rules & regulation enforcement


Bid specifications, preparation coordination


Vendor services coordination


Insurance coordination


Customer request response


Meeting coordination and attendance


Create real time owner information listing



Bill all assessments and track accounts receivable


Monthly statement preparation and mailing


Receive all funds using effective cash management strategies


No cost lockbox service


Send legal delinquency notices and suspension of rights letters


Perform collection services as directed


Lien filing / Foreclosure coordination


Reconcile all accounts, including checking, money market, etc.


Provide board level review of non routine billing


Prepare and release checks


Monthly comprehensive financial reporting package


Budget preparation preliminary and finalization


Coordination of tax return completion


Year-end financial report

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