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Topic: Association Management

Questions ANSWERED

Do you need a management company for your association?

Maybe Yes, Maybe No. If you are reading this, you may be searching for your first management company, looking for a change in management or just curious how other companies operate.  Please allow me to provide some insight.


If you are a community with a small number of homes, an active board, community involvement and someone that has served the community well handling the money in the past.  You don’t need a management company.  You are doing just fine.


If your treasurer has been faithfully serving for many years and wishes to retire, you have an active board and community involvement; perhaps you just need some financial help and organization to keep your ship sailing along in the right direction.


If the community has members that want to lead, but may not have the experience in best practices of managing an HOA or time to follow up on multiple fronts with questions posed by homeowners on a variety of topics, you may need assistance.  This type of assistance is not only financial but organizational help to follow up with day to day events in the community.  The help should be focused to keep you, as part of the leadership informed and engaged.  Full management services can fill this need in your community.


Does your community fit one of these descriptions?  Whatever your needs, give us a call to discuss.  No obligation, no pressure, just honest answers to your questions.  Thanks for taking a leadership role!


(Question Answered by Kevin Herman, Owner of Herman Management)


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